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Date: Mon, 6 Jul 1998 11:29:13 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Submitted UFO Sighting Report

LOCATION : Near Sacramento, CA
DATE-Sighting : Spring & Summer of 70 or 71
TIME-Sighting : All sightings occurred at night

This is your Submitted Sighting Report : I was 22 living in Sacramento and my
sister lived near Folsom Lake on four acres in a very deserted area. It would
require a book to expound on all of the sightings my sister, my brothers, and
myself encountered during that spring and summer. We did not have any "close
encounters," however we were amazed that we found ourselves in the midst of a
gigantic ufo 'flap' and yet we never heard any news reports concerning these
things. One night a Placer County police officer stopped near our car and
watched with us for a few moments. He knew what we were watching but didn't say
anything to us except something to the effect "make sure you stay off the road
if you're gonna watch." He saw them too!

What we saw during those months were always bright orange lights and most of the
time they were flying and hovering near or over Folsom Lake. Several times,
while observing from inside our parked car, we witnessed a sudden bright beam of
light suddenly shooting straight down to the water. It was so bright I remember
seeing the ripples on the water on a night when there was no moon out. Once the
beam of light even passed over our car and lit up the inside as it was circling.
These lights were absolutely SILENT ...... while watching them appear and
disappear in the skies above the lake, we could hear dogs barking and horses
becoming restless. No, they were definitely NOT helicopters, air planes, or any
machanical craft of that nature.

My brothers and I remember watching one extremely bright orange light hovering
near the town of Loomis. It seemed to be quite high, but the strange thing
about this light was that there were smaller orange lights that seemed to be
originating from the larger light, maybe six or seven of them. Suddenly they
would all instantly disappear (except for the large light) and then begin the
cycle of seemingly coming out from the larger light until all were radiating in
what seemed a straignt line, and then again they would disappear and re-appear
to begin this strange cycle over. We watched it for well over an hour before
these lights all vanished.

Other evenings and nights we would get a call from our sister saying that the
objects were in the sky. We would rush out there and sure enough, before we
even arrived at her acres, we would spot the lights. There was never any sound
to these things, and it seemed like whenever they moved to a different position
in the sky, the orange color would shut off or disappear until they reappeared
in another section of the sky. It would happen so fast that we could hardly
keep tract of them. My sister phoned us late one night terrified, saying her
horses were restless and dogs were barking near her house and she had entered
her large ranch style living room to look out the window when the entire room
lit up briefly from a passing ray or light. Then she spotted a bright orange
light hovering above the tree tops in her pasture. We drove out there that
night and witnessed a dazzling display of bright orange lights dancing in the
night skies near Loomis and Folsom Lake. Some of them remin
ded us of a feather when it is dropped ... it will slowly float down and wobble
from one side to another. We never saw any of these things on the ground but
some were extremely low. On one occasion I saw a bright orange object rise up
from below the tree tops of the nearby woods and it shoot straight upward and
left a reddish/orange trail in the sky that remained there for several minutes
after the light vanished. We never reported any of these sightings to the
authorities .. for obvious reasons. I remember seeing some other people at
night who seemed to be watching these lights, but there were never very many
people who really noticed them that we know of. I am telling the absolute truth
and would love to read about anyone in the area near that time who saw what we
saw. I still live near Sacramento and my name is Dan.

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