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From: "adelizzi"
  Subject: ufo 
  Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 14:20:24 -0800 

I'm not sure who will get this email, but I heard about a 
sighting in the Midwest...(Illinois) was in today's
paper...the UFO was as big as a football field and 
about 2 stories high...anyway, I wanted to read more about 
it,so I came to the internet...I came across this site about 
sightings in NM...I used to live in Farmington...we moved
away in 1980 and went back to visit family in 
we drove westward on the main interstate approaching
Tucumcari, I noticed darting lights in the sky...they 
were moving so fast that it could not have been traditional
aircraft...we watched them all the way past Santa Rosa, 
then they were few and far we approached
the mountains and began our climb, excited to be near 
Albuquerque, cars whizzing past, a giant space craft of
some sort appeared over and in front of our little brother, friend and I had been playing around 
with a tape recorder, singing into it, being silly...our 
fright had been recorded....then, the "thing" shaped like 
what I   remember as being like a check-mark shaped train 
car, brightly lit, came so close to the car that we were 
scared to mom's friend took a picture of 
it...and we were all trying to describe it...on the tape, 
I am screaming,   "slow down, mom, it's going to suck us 
up!!"....every one is freaking out...then it was gone...We 
stopped in   Albuquerque to calm down...we listened to our 
tape...when we got to the part where we were describing the
"thing", the tape was very quiet...not a far 
as my mom's friends came out...only one...and 
she carried it everywhere and wouldn't let anyone touch it...
Have you ever heard of another sighting like this?  If 
you have, please let me know...this has been on my mind
ever since...was it something from the Airforce base in 
Albuquerque?  Something from another world?  I wish I knew.

UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World