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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Monday, April 6, 1998 at 13:13:19

location: Alden, New York
date: April 5, 1998
time: 12:00Am. 

My "sighting" happened last night, April 5, 1998 at 12:00am. 
Me and 2 friends were driving when we noticed a single white 
light off to our left, at first i thought it was a plane but 
we do not have a nearby airport that would explain why the 
plane was so low to the ground. Then we decided it was a far 
off water tower. We kept watching, and after about 1 minute 
our water tower started moving at a very high rate of speed. 
It at first appeared to be a single white light, When it 
began moving it was 2 solid white lights in a horizontal 
position with a flasing white light in the middle. Within 
seconds the lights crossed in front of our car and continued 
moving to our left. It continued to travel left, away from 
our car, when all the sudden the lights stopped, mind you we 
were traveling at 60 mph and it was moving much faster than 
us yet was able to stop in a single halt. It was at a 
standstill for about 30 seconds when the lights did a 
complete 90 degree turn moved from a horizontal position to 
a vertical position and started moving again, you must 
understand how fast it was moving. The time it takes to pass   
1 single tree that blocked our view for a split moment, 
these lights had crossed our path once again and were again 
to the right of us. 
We were drving on country roads when we first spotted these 
lights.  Not another single vehicle had passed us or was 
following, after these lights crossed our path the second 
time we were moving into a more developed area. On the 
country roads we could follow the light as there was nothing 
in our view, as soon as we hit the populated areas, and a 
car passed us for the first time, the lights were gone. 
I am not convinced this was a foreign ship with aliens.  But 
I am convinced this was a UFO, since no one can identify 
this flying object.

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