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Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 14:03:09 
Subject: Mexico UFOS's Once again.

     Please, take not that once again there 
     was a UFO event in Mexico, yesterday, 
     Sunday 29th April, 1998, now in the 
     Guadalajara city (Capitol of Jalisco 
     State). Personally I did not see/ participate 
     in this event, but the radio mention even a 
     Military activity due of the fact. Many said 
     that there were two crafts near to the "Sector 
     libertad", then the objects maneuver up dawn 
     fashion, and suddenly travel to "Plaza 
     del sol" a well known and older moll. After that, 
     stopped and once again speed up now in direction 
     to "La primavera forest". Some (few) people are 
     saying this was a optical effect of a Laser 
     publicity of a beer manufacturer.
     Hope you can investigate more and publish.
     Francisco Sanchez.

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