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Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 22:28:44 GMT
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Name: Jessie

Location: Lafayette Twp., NJ

Date: Summer 1986

Time: Night

Sighting: My oldest friend & I were going TO a party being thrown by a high
school acquaintence. On our way toward the house, my future-husband's
brother pulled up with a group of friends and shouted to us to wait for him
to park so that we could all walk in together. As we stood in the street
waiting, I noticed a perfect circle of lights emerge over the rooftop of a
nearby house. Once it was fully visible, it began to move in our direction.
It looked like a ring of white stadium lights floating around by themselves.
The lights were, at that time, all white; and although it was a clear night,
there were no stars within the circle. Once it had almost reached us, I
pointed at it and exclaimed, "Oh my God, what is THAT?!?". With that, the
rest of the party-goers on the street all looked up at it in stunned silence.
The circle then came directly overhead-just above treetop level, and the
lights had changed to multi-colors(reds, blue, yeallows, etc.). It seemed to
hover just moments before it then creeped off out of sight over the trees--the
lights had all changed to red upon its departure. I began to run after it
until my girlfriend screamed my name. I then stopped and walked back to her,
we waited for my our friend(my future brother-in-law), and the three of us
walked, sullenly, to the party.
The event was never mentioned, and had been forgotten completely by the end
of the night.

Some eight years later, I was living & working in Colorado, when someone asked
me if I'd ever had a paranormal experience. I said "No, but now that you
mention it, I did once see a UFO!". I recounted my story for her and she asked
if I had conformed the sighting. It was then that I realized we never discussed
the event. I called my friend a short time later on her birthday(July 3rd).
She said she did remember the UFO!!! I had her give me her version: she said
she recalled that the lights came on as if "someone had flipped a switch", and
it was almost like it had something to do with the party, except that the party
was down the street and lights were overhead. Then they moved off & I "chased
the damn thing!".
We tried, to no avail, to remember what other people might have been on the
street with us.

Shortly thereafter, I called my brother-in-law back in NJ. Curiously, he told
me that he did remember the party and seeing me & Viv, but he gave me a big
fat "NO" when I asked him about the UFO.
>From then on, he's done nothing but ridicule me for having seen it--which
made me believe he did remember the event but was too scared to admit it to me.

About two months ago, my husband & I happened to be discussing my sighting
when he told me to keep pressing his brother on the issue. With some reluctance,
he finally came out and told me that his brother had, in fact, confided in him
about the sighting shortly after it had happened. After much ado about keeping
this info from me, I had him tell me his brother's version. Which went like this:
He pulled up with some friends(my husband is unsure which), he shouted to us to
wait for him. He doesn't remember my shouting, but he does recall getting out
of his car and looking directly overhead at the object. He doesn't know(nor do I)
what happened to the people who had been in his car with him.
Then I went from being in front of him, with my friend, to being off to his left.
I was dissheveled & he thought, perhaps, I had been raped.

In a nutshell, those are the most significant parts of my adventure. I find
myself most disturbed by the light's change of colors that only dawned on me long
after my initial recollection, the missing people from Roger's car & the fact that
it was never spoken of 'til I brought it up all those years later.

If anyone out there has anything to add, please



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