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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Tuesday, June 24, 1997 at 07:04:20
name: Wayne
location: Geelong, Victoria, Australia
date: 1979, month unknown
time: Between midnight and 2am

sighting: This experience is bewildering to me since it occurred. It's difficult to remember the precise date and time, however the experience was very real. I was about 14 at the time and lived with my mum and dad in a large, modern house on a hill over looking the city of Geelong in the state of Victoria, Australia. My room, where I slept alone, overlooked the lights of the city and on a clear night you could see the lights of Melbourne across Port Philip Bay. Whilst sleeping, I began to have a recurring dream and it went like this. In the dream I am sitting in the dining room of our home, that also overlooks the city of Geelong, and see this faint light moving across the night sky from right to left over the night lights of Geelong. In the dream it was unlike a falling star because it moved in a straight line as it approached the ground. The dream just wouldn't stop. I would have the dream, wake up feeling anxious, fall to sleep again and keep having the identical dream. Having had the dream about 4 times, I decided to try to get to sleep on the couch in the living room wich also overlooked the city and the CURTAINS WERE OPEN!!! I had the dream again twice, woke up and saw a bright white/ blue object stationery outside the window. This was real and not a dream!!! It was too small to be the moon , too big to be a star, it radiated very brightly but I could not make out any king of definite shape. I was bewildered and at the same time extremely anxious and scared. I needed someone to verify what I saw. I went and got my mother and she saw it too. She couldn't explain it and told me to close the curtains and go back to sleep. After this I don't remember alot, except that I must have gone straight to sleep and not had the dream again. The next morning I asked my mother at the breakfast table what she thought it was and I couldn't believe it, she denied seeing anything. It was as if she didn't remember it at all. I decided to keep quite about it. This experience has haunted me ever since. Not knowing what it was and having no witness to back me up made me reluctant to talk about it. If anyone can explain what all this means please drop me an E-Mail.

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