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  From: Submitted-Sightings     
  Subject: Submitted UFO Sighting Report 
  LOCATION : Area of Washington D.C. 
  DATE-Sighting : April 5th 
  TIME-Sighting : 10:30 pm 
  This is your Submitted Sighting Report :
What's most incredible about this sighting is 
that someone else had the exact sighting almost 
exactly a yrar prior. I was going South on Rt 270. 
I was around the Boyds exit. This is about 20 
miles North of Washingto D.C.. I saw something 
out of the corner of my eye. It was a very bright 
light (brightest light in the sky). It was 
traveling from   East to West at an incredible 
speed. It's angle of decent was about 70 degrees. 
It   was almost going straight toward the ground. 
I too was waiting for the object to impact the 
ground.(Refer to D.C. sighting 3/26/97 @ 7:30 pm) 
I was sure I was going to see an explosion. I 
must have misjudged its distance because it did 
not impact the ground. The only thing I can guess 
is that it was beyond the horision. I e-mailed 
some news papers to see if anyone else reported 
anything, but   had no luck. If anyone 
hexperienced this pleases e-mail me. I especially
wat to hear from the persom who reported the sight 
that happened a year ago.

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