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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
Below is the result of your feedback form.
It was submitted by (sephiroth100)
on Saturday, October 25, 1997 at 20:32:21
name: Mr.(Gerritsen)
location: Marine park,Brooklyn
date: july,1997
time: 2:00 afternoon

sighting: I was out rollerblading with my friends and i got tired and stopped for a minute, I was waiting and saw what looked like a classical ship only it was pulsatind a silver light, also i could clerly see it was not a normal aircraft,for it was hovering over the water and it came down about another 10 to 20 feet and flew staight up and was gone.

I also believe that the contacted me through ESP and told me about them taking water and needing it to survive because their planet is so polluted the are close to total annialation!!!!

the ship was about 35 by 10 feet!!! thanx please e-mail me your opinion about my case SOON!!

Thanx again

mr (Gerritsen)

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}