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From: "lynn"


Subject: UFO's

Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001 14:00:20 -0500



Hi I have just visited your site. I was wondering if you have the story about the UFO over Hobbs, NM? I was raised there and my husband was raised in Roswell. I know nothing about the UFO's except as a young married teen age 17 in 1966 we made a lot of trips back and forth between Roswell and Hobbs. One night it was an eerie night. After midnight and we just came up comanchehill and nearing bottomless lakes (somewhere between the two), The night was a funny blue color. We could not make out anything in the sky. I just remember it being a spooky blue color. Nothing happened that I know of.
Just spooked me all these years later it still does.

BTW-- I have a question to ask you. Feb of 2000 my sister and I returned to Roswell on the way to Santa Fe to see another sister. We got to Tatum and saw this hugh fire well that did not alarm us except to pray the people/places were alright. We turned to go to Roswell and the more we were on that road the
more fires we saw. We even saw some start for no apparent reason. There were not people around and it looked like whirlwinds to start with then all of a sudden it was burning. We went to bottomless lakes and the same thing there. We discussed it along the way. Going down the hill at bottomless lakes you can see off in the distance in the southwest there were smoke clouds all over the area.
Do you have any idea what was going on? That was spooky also.

Thanks Glitz


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