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From: "M & J Buitron"
Subject: recent attacks on UFOlogy
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 1997 07:24:13 -0700

These are just some recent thoughts I had but there certainly is a new movement to discredit UFOlogy.

Recent Campaign Against UFOlogy

      There has been a new campaign by the Government and the national media to discredit UFOlogy of late. Perhaps it has something to do with the small UFO flap in Arizona (or perhaps it is to cover the new black space shuttle with bombs). What I find amazing is that while these forces insinuate that the average American citizen is an idiot when it comes to sighting objects in the sky, this same Government runs to these very same so-called idiots every time it misplaces one of its own planes!

      Take the case of the missing A-10 some months ago. In that case the USAF pilot went bananas and ran off with a USAF A-10 (Tank Killer) loaded for bear and carrying enough fuel to allow it to reach an 800 mile radius. The USAF radar was not able to track this craft once it flew in low into the Rockies of Colorado. So the USAF ran begging to the very witnesses that they are always making fun of and calling ignorant: yes, to the common American citizen. By interviewing these same incapable and unreliable witnesses the USAF was able to locate the A-10 crash site to with in one mile of its impact point! Isn't it amazing that when the Government needs our help that they suddenly pay attention to our words and sightings!? Why do we suddenly we become reliable?

      In the September 1997 issue of Astronomy there is an article more or less attacking UFOlogy and that attempts to ascribe most UFO sightings to the class of MPO (Misidentified Prosaic Objects). What I found hilarious was that while this magazine made fun of the idea of UFOs, just a few pages later it had a serious article about how to create your own tiny universe, "Cooking Up A Cosmos". Which sounds (or rather is) the more ridicules? The truth is that common citizens are trusted when it comes to spotting criminals, tornadoes, lost USAF jets, terrorists, and about anything else the Government WANTS TO FIND! When the powers that be do not desire to find something then suddenly WE the people become idiots. Sure there are MPOs. But most people do not confuse a balloon or star for a moving disk of light.

      This just goes to reinforce what I have said: the Government is NEVER going to come clean until most of us are dead and gone. If you can wait for the year 2150 AD then you might finally learn the truth. Forget governments; they do and will do what they do best: LIE. Why, heck, its their job. Learn to depend on yourself and determine in your heart that YOU will solve the UFO enigma without the help of the Government. And by the way, if you do solve the enigma I'll bet you anything that the Government itself will come to you begging to know what the real truth is behind the UFOs.

Mark Buitron

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}