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Well I was on your site and I saw you had the rock face of Mars on it, so I'm trying to show people that there is more than ONE. Which, with these structures, we could possibly find the information we need of OUR history.

The REAL history. Here are the Pictures:
face&dm - the face an D&M pyramid
Utopiaface - the 2nd face found; similar to the 1st; found on some website
myutopiaface - the face I found at NASA's online Mars Atlas(same face)
pharaoh - 4 pics from NASA's Atlas together that show a pharaoh. I FOUND.
I don't know if anyone else knows about it, except NASA and Govt.
I'm not sure if the pharaoh is really that, but it sure looks ARTIFICIAL.

Mars Photo... Mars Photo

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}