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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Sunday, July 13, 1997 at 16:12:33
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- name: G.S.
location: meridian,ms
date: march, 1992
time: 1000

sighting: I was stationed at NAS Meridian Ms. from 1990-1994 which is a VERY rural location for a Naval base. However one day I was enroute to my girlfriend's place of work and this is what happened.
Traveling south on HWY 39 I was approaching an intersection where if you look staight ahead, you will see a Winn Dixie grocery store. It was a beautiful, clear day without a cloud in the sky when I looked up at the approaching traffic signal. Above the outstreached arm of the traffic light appeared to be one of those big chrome colored baloons you would find in any grocery store. This was different, this one was on a horizontal axis, and was completly stable. I took a double take and then pulled off the right hand side of the road,(from the left lane) into a parking lot of car dealership gone out of bussiness, looked up, looked around to see if anyone else had seen it. When I looked back up again, it was gone.
I went approx. two years before I told anyone about it for fear of ridicule, but now I fear only ignoring our visitors. I believe in what I saw because if it was a balloon, it would have to be approx. 40-50 ft. in diameter. hh

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