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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Friday, June 27, 1997 at 18:29:40
location: Guadalajara, México
date: 95
time: 8 pm

sighting: Before i write my story i need to tell you that my english is not very good, but i´m going to do my best.

We were 7 people and we were in my english teachers house. Sudently we note that the Air Force planes were flying to low and they were a lot like 10 or 15 planes, when we finish our class(8pm) i notest that the sky was cleared of clouds and aproximally at 8:15pm my father arrives to the house with my cousnt´s father and we start to look the sky. When we start to look the sky we saw like 100 to 150 lights of all colors and some of the lights were moving very fast, but the most weird thing was that all this lights were in formations of 3 and in a shape of a triangle. I remember that one of the lights(it was yellow) breake one of the formations and get inside another light, but this other light was bigger an white. All the people that was driving in their cars stop in the midle of the street to watch this extraordinary lights. The next day we watch in the news that the Airport tower saw this objects in the radar but over a big lake called Chapala.(This lake is on the outside of Guadalajara)

Nobody told anything more and all the people forgot it.

This is my story and i know that maybe sounds crazy but beliveme it happend, and i´m sure that it wasn´t anything made by a human.
Muchas Gracias.
{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}