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Subject: Form posted from Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 09:35:11 -0700
From: "Don"

Location:=Gunninson Utah
Time:=6:00 p.m.
UFO=Sighting: My wife, daughter and I drove to Gunninson area to
look for Bald Eagles. We were in the Mayfeild area at sundown,
we turned back towards Gunnison stopping at the highschool. I
was showing my wife that you could see the moons of Saturn by
my 10x50 binoculars. After spotting Saturn and showing my wife
I was looking up through the sunroof in my car waiting for my
turn with the binoculars again, when I spotted a round object
flying across the sky. I grabbed the binoculars and saw what
appeared to be a round gray object with no lights. Flying
level altitude a strait line and a constant speed with no
noise. I brought down the binoculars to look again and I lost
sight and was unable to pick it up in the binoculars again.
This was not a hot air, party, weather balloon, as they do not
float across the sky like this gray object did. It was very
clear and no wind outside. We have a lot of hot air balloon
activity in the northern part of Utah county where we live and
none that I have seen in the last five years have ever appeared
in this manner, let alone after dark. Tell me what you think.


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