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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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name: Henry Stradford
location: Portageville, MO (North of Arkansas border on I-55)
date: 79-83 Summer
time: Evening (dark)

sighting: This is something that I just recently recalled and the details are kind of fuzzy. I was walking home from a friends house kind of late, which was normal for me. I was walking through the city park and I stopped at the merry-go-round and sat down. A few minutes later, I noticed what seemed to be a ball of fire in the distance coming from the direction of the Mississippi River (East to West). It got closer and closer, moving fairly slowly, but steady and level with the horizon. After maybe two minutes, it was out of sight because of the trees and houses surrounding the park. I don't recall my reaction at the time, but a minute or two later there was a large helicopter flying in the same path as the fireball.

I only recalled this about a year ago. Maybe being a kid, about ten or so, I didn't really think anything of it. But it sparks my curiosity now. So if anyone has knowledge of, or can recall the same thing in the same area and time frame, please E-Mail me!!

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