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Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2001 02:23:18 +0000
From: unknown@unknown (unknown)
Name: harry __________
Location: las vegas nevada
Date_of_Sighting: 1-2-2001
Time_of_Sighting: 710
some will call me crazy but its all true,i have proof an over 
80 pictures all in color to prove everything i am about to 
say,for a very long time ago,the former presidents told to me 
to never say nothing,or show what they know i have.since i 
was 4,i have been in contact with the aliens an seen the ufos 
also.why they picked me,i will never know.the goverment said 
if i ever told or showed,i would be killed somehow,but they 
told me that along time ago,and i think the public has the 
right to see,and know about the aliens and the ufos.i have 
them on a video camera,all in color,and so many pitures thats 
unbeleiveable to the worlds number is ______________,
my name is harry _________.they would not report my storys or 
the proof i have,or let me show the proof i have.for the 
goverment was agaisnt me speaking or showing  on all i have.
if i could just show what i have,people would believe me,
just be me saying it,isnt enough for the public to beleive 
me.i am having my daughter write all this,an im also using 
her email add.thats why im giving you my name,an 
story would not just beniffit me,but also beniffit who ever 
prints it,and backs me up on it.since the age of,this all 
began,and i thought i was losing my mind,but the aliens never 
left me alone,as i got older,i became use to them,and they 
didnt scare me anymore.these aliens talk to some of our 
goverments,they make deals with the aliens.i am in my 60"s 
now,so just think from the time i was a child,until the time 
now,i have alot of proof.i also have a majesstic rock of the 
ufo sightings,the goverment said they dont know why the 
aliens choose me,but they will not allow me to tell or show 
the public,i thank you for your time,and hope someone decides 
to hear me out,you can even call me or write me,____________ 
____________,las vegas,nv,89119,or call me.

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Sorry we can not put personal info on the site.


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