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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports

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on Saturday, February 28, 1998 at 14:58:56

location: Hartsville, AL  

date: 19776

time: 8:00 pm

sighting: It was late one summer 
night, all the kids in the neighbor
hood  were out side playing  (excuse 
the grammer) hide in seek.  Mom 
called myself and my three sisters in
side for the night  Friday " ICE CREAM 
NIGHT"  Debbie and Angie there turn for 
bath first.  Big Sister and Myself
walked   down a old dirt road, but Big 
sis wanted to get her friend frist .  
This is where the journey begain  we were
all having fun looking at the stars and 
there it was at first we  thought it was 
a plane but it kept getting closer I was 
hipmatiesed  hope I spelled that right.  
We stood their  for about 5 min  I 
Thingk   ????   any way the 3 of us ran 
over a hill down to the rail road tracks  
crossed them and their was the 7-11  it 
was a small town I cant remember the name 
of the store. I just remember running and 
telling everyone they had to come out 
side and see  it was late this sucker 
scared the shit out of me & my Big sis.
anyway  it was gone and we ran home told 
mom & dad dad said where is the ice 
cream..... It really happen..

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