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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports

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on Monday, January 5, 1998 at 07:17:48

location: Haymarket/Virginia/USA

date: 01/04/98

time: 7:00 PM

sighting: Five or six strobe-like lights 
flying west over Haymarket, Virginia at a 
high rate of speed.  Flashing of the lights 
was random and varied in speed.  All lights 
appeared to be mounted to one object, but I 
can't estimate size, because I don't know how 
high it was (no sound).  It seemed to be much 
larger than the planes that were in the vicinity.  
After moving so far west that the lights seemed 
to be only one light, it turned north and I lost 
sight of the object.
Lights were VERY bright, much brighter than any 
stars or plane lights.


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