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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Tuesday, November 11, 1997 at 04:44:05
name: park hee-sup
location: gumi city/kyung book/south korea
date: November.8/97
time: 3:10/PM

sighting: I was watching TV with my wife in my apartment living room, on the 9th floor, facing a small hill through the balcony. It was a little foggy afternoon with sunshine beaming through the scattered clouds. All of a sudden my wife screamed eying the hill " look! red light(flame)! an object like an airplane is burning!". When I rushed to the balcony & caught the sight of it, it had changed it's shape already ,it just looked like a black plastic pouch(bag) filled with some air floating & drifting with the wind as lightly as a feather. I shouted to my wife to bring me a camera but she couldn't, because she did not know where she put it away. It hovered for a few seconds above the hill about 30m high of the ground,50m away from me. And then it started to move flying up and away rolling itself upside down slowly and steadily without making any sound. From that moment I could see that it looked like a clover shaped("Y" typed)flying disc(a little thin & flat). The surface of the object was that of a dark shellfish. It flew up and away slowly rolling on & on and in about 2 minutes I lost the sight of it because it was too far away. My wife told me that at first she saw three transparent round windows on the object, one window in the middle of each wing(blade) respectively, through which she could see the red light burning inside. She said that at first it was as big as a room and shaped like a three legged starfish(the same as I thought). When I saw the object it seems to me that it's not so big as I expect a UFO to be. I think she saw at first the bottom of the object head on when probably it was unfolded. Anyway in a sense I feel that it's my duty to share what I witnessed with the world so I submit my sighting report to you in details. And I'm afraid that I made many mistakes in my writing because I am not a native English speaker so I hope that you ,the webmaster will correct the grammatical errors in my report if any. Personally I belive that in near future UFO's(the aliens)will tell us directly what they are,where they are from. Thank you.

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