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From: ()
Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
Below is the result of your feedback form.  
It was submitted by  () 
on Friday, December 26, 1997 at 03:46:13

location: Omaha Nebrasksa
date: 9-14- 97
time: 7:30 P.M. 
     UFO. Sighting at Lake Cumminham  
              In Omaha  Nebraska

         I Henry P Middlebrook  State:     
               About  7:30  p.m. Sept.14,1997 
Tuesday, while filming at  Lake  Cumminham in 
the  sky coming from the east and going  west 
I noticed that a small object ( UFO ) was
traveling  at a High rate of Speed. So I 
focused my camera on it and  watch it descend
from the top of the cloud thru the clouds  in 
to the west, as it travel down at about a 90
degree angle I followed it down and 
there was another object (UFO) (2#) or light 
in the lower middle of the sky in the west 
moving up, I watch the first (1#) object on 
the left descend at about a 90 degree angle, 
the First object on the right (1#) passed 
behind a big cloud and came out and went 
thru a second cloud, and then a third cloud, 
just before it got to the third cloud it 
fired a missile (1# missel) then went on to 
the middle of the third cloud and fired 
another missel(2#) again, but this time the 
object seem to be under control, the first 
object then did a complete reverse (1#). At 
this time the object (2#) was coming towards 
me, and was  now gliding over my head, I 
removed my eye from the camera and watch it 
glide go over my head while still filming 
the first  one, then it turned and went 
south, when it got over my head it looked 
like flames coming from the back of a jet, 
at the time it looked odd and I thought 
maybe I should get this on tape since it 
was moving so slow, I thought that I would 
finish the first one and then go to the 
second one,  I looked down in to the view 
finder again and the first one had now 
started coming towards me, so I just watch 
it, when I thought about the one over my 
head, I tried to focus  in on it but could 
not find it, So I kept filming the first 
one, about that time the tripod broke, so 
I picked up the  camcoreder and tripod and 
kept fliming, until the camera  got to 
heavy (RCA  CAMCORDER),  when I looked up 
again, I could not find the second light
    The third UFO was going down in the 
west and the  first UFO was moving in 
front of me, and it looked like there 
were three  windows.   After fumbling with
camera and  tripod.  I looked up again 
with the camcorder and search the sky and 
it was still there coming closer, But was 
now  turning South over my head, fumbling 
with the camcorder again.  This time when 
I looked up with the camcorder I search 
the sky again and could not find it.
When I pulled the camera zoom back, there 
was nothing  there, I looked in front of 
me to the west, then north,  south and 
east and there was nothing there, they 
had all gone, just disappeared from the 
sky not a trace that I could see! what 
I noticed and remembered the most was 
that the lights were shining down, and 
that it turned over my head. 

This happened 9-14-97 between the 7:30 p.m. 
thru 7:36   p.m. The lights were 
memorizing and definitely had hypnotic  
effect When it Glided over my head there 
was no noise from either one, they just 
to seemed to glide thru the sky.  All 
of this took about 6 minutes, after
my wife came  up from fishing, I told 
her what happened and that the lights 
were to big to just disappear.  One 
appeared to have three lights, it 
looked like it had  windows to me. 
The first one looked like it fired a 
missile to  me, and then came towards 
me, it appeared that what ever it was 
it was aware of me and I was aware of it.  
Amazing as this may seems. It's more 
amazing how we got there in the first place
              On  October 04, 1997 between 
4:00 and 4:30 p.m. we were going out thru 90th
Maple my husband and I, when we seen a  silver 
boom-rang looking UFO fly in front of
us in the sky, it went from the south to north 
and did a loop and went down behind trees,
we tried to follow it but lost it, it made no 

Question:  Who else can we send the video to 
for more info ?

We sent a our video into mufont , and we 
don't find them to be very helpful . We 
did not send them all of the infromation we
have ,  As of yet what they tell us does 
not make any sense .

We believe our U.F.O.  video  package was 
tampered with ,  and we have proof of it  
thank you


location: Omaha Nebraska
date: 9-14-97
time: 7:30pm

 Omaha, NB, at 1930 hrs. (CDT) 
 on Sunday, September 14, 1997

A man and wife video-taped three 
disc-shaped objects in the evening
sky for six minutes while at  Lake 
Cunninham, near Omaha, NB. The first
object appeared to fire a missile to 
the west, after which it approached
the couple, near enough that they could 
observe three windows on the object. 
(Update: Peter Davenport and Robert J. 
Gribble of the National UFO Reporting 
Center viewed the tape, provided by 
the photographer and his wife. Neither 
Davenport nor Gribble witnessed anything 
that appeared to them to be definitive 
evidence of a UFO. They felt the objects 
most resembled the contrails formed by 
jet aircraft at high altitude.
Dr. Jack Casher, at the University of 
Nebraska, disagrees with that conclusion,
but he does not know what the objects are.)


From: ()
Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
Below is the result of your feedback form.  
It was submitted by  () 
on Monday, December 29, 1997 at 01:43:24
location: Omaha Nebraska
date: 9-14-97
time: 7:30 pm

sighting: I tried to download the statements 
from the people I talked to, but I can't get 
it off my computer, so I will answer your 
question as best I can, first of all 
RRV. Nebraska ET's is our company name, and 
since we are the first to see so many UFO's 
in Omaha Nebraska we name them after our 
company, but they were really seen at Lake 
Cunninmham. (Lake cunningham sighting)

I have a great deal of trouble believing 
that MUFON really got our Video and pictures.  
Mr .D________ told us that our call's were 
being monitors as well as our phone when we 
talk to him at first on the phone. After we 
sent our video and pictures thru Airborne 
Express we called him to make sure that he 
got them, He said that he did not get our 
pictures and that our package was taped up so 
bad that what he got did not make any since, 
we were very careful and we took our time 
making sure they were secure and neat, we 
sent it Airborne Express, but for some reason 
it was five hours late, and from what Mr. 
D______ described to us, he did not get what 
we sent him. Airborne express did not offer a 
reason for it being late, but did refund our 
money back. 
For us this makes a mystery that needs to be 
solved, there is no way in the world that it 
could have been airplane trails.
I am quite sure we have Video of something 
we are not supposed to have, But we were in the 
right place at the right time and we do have 
them, and the Strange thing about it is, they 
are still coming and we still see them in 
Omaha Nebraska, my Question to Mufon is, if 
they are Planes what kind are they that fire 
missiles in the city ? And if they are in Eppley 
air space wouldn't they Know about it? and what 
happened to the pictures we sent ? and are all 
three of them planes ? that just a few 
questions to start off with
 Please Help !
I felt I had to edit out some names due to

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}