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HUGE Triagle white light
Sunday, 06-Dec-98 00:59:44

Message: writes:

Date: 12/05/98
Time: Approx. 1830 hrs
Location: Artesia, New Mexico area
I have just talked to 5 people that said they saw a giant
white light that lasted at least two minutes, streaking
from the north-west to the south-east, leaving what
appeared to be 'dust' behind it.
1) My son John was with two friends coming back from a
fishing trip west of Artesia. He described the object at
first looking like a small white light, that as it got
closer appeared to be a HUGE triangle of white light.
They said that the light left a trail of dust not smoke
behind it. They said the 'dust' trail appeared to be
MILES wide! They watched this object for at least two
minutes, even stopping off the side of the road to get a
better look. They also said the 'dust' took awhile to
dissapear after the light had passed. They said they
could actually see the dust particles falling toward the
ground. John said that it dissapered at the end. But before
it did, the object appeared to shake violently and then
made a abrupt turn towards the ground. They did not see any
explosion, so they did not think it hit the ground. They
were out in the middle of the desert with unlimited
visabilty at the time.
2) Talked to a Artesia Police officer intials P.Q.. He said
he saw the same object around the same time that also
appeared to make an abrupt turn before going out.
3) Talked to another employee of the Artesia PD.
She said she was coming back from Ruidoso, NM and observed
what she at first thought to be a plane on fire(Huge plane).
4) There was at least two citizens that called the Police
department around 1830 to report a HUGE bright white light
streaking across the sky.

If anyone else observed something simular to this at around
1830(6:30PM)on Dec. 5,1998, please post it here. I am
very interested in this.
Jim S.
Also the Webmaster for UFOSNMW




Michael Jacobson: Re: HUGE Triagle white light (11-Dec-98 10:50:51)
Re: HUGE Triagle white light
Friday, 11-Dec-98 10:50:51 writes:

The same light was observed in Puerto vallarta mexico as apparantly was
all over mexico. There were videos taken of the object which have been
appearing on Mexican TV in particular televisa which is viewed via
satellite. The object passed over us and lasted at least 2 to 3 minutes
but this was something that millions saw not just a few and is on TV!

Michael Jacobson

UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World