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From: "M Buitron"
Subject: AN IDEA
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 1997 22:33:37 -0700

Something has come to me which I have to share before the MIBs knock on my door for anti-UFO-data-propagation (heeeheee). An event happened to my wife and I on 11-27-95 an earth hole opened up in an area where we were hiking (see attached statement at bottom). I was looking at the MFI (Magnetic Field Investigation) charts and noted that on that very day there was a noteworthy magnetic disturbance as a result of Solar Winds. Then it occurred to me to check out the charts showing sun spot activity and I noted that most of the UFO flaps seem to have taken place at the low points on the chart. Then everything began to come together in my mind of what needs to be done. My interests have always been in geology, so when I read charts about magnetic storms I feel like an idiot lost in a maze. But there are people out there in UFO-hunter land who are very adept in astrophysics and physics in general who could do the required research.

From my brief study it appears that the UFOs are like the wooden ships of old when it comes to avoiding storms. It appears that during periods of high magnetic storms in the solar system the UFO craft either avoid flying here on Earth or avoid travel in space in our solar system. If this is true then it will help us determine several things about the these UFO critters. 1. that they are solids like us, i.e. part of this universe. 2. it will provide a hint as to how their crafts operate in space or on earth. 3. it may help us design weapons to counter them. 4. it may help us to design equipment for detecting them. 5. it would help us predict when they will appear, where they will appear, and how they will appear. For the camera guys this would be a real ace in the hole.

Then another thing came to mind (I think I here the MIBs knocking), one of my favorite Web sites has to do with the NEAR project that tracks near to Earth asteroids. Would it not be likely that UFO bases would already be established inside a few of those big rocks? If someone could examine the data of the asteroids that come nearest to Earth and perhaps correlate the periods of their nearest approaches to the dates of increased UFO activity here on Earth, then we might be able to actually zero in on the exact asteroids where their bases are. Imagine that! Since these rocks are not planet sized we (Earth) could actually send up something to knock on their door, like a 5 KT nuke (not so big as to destroy them but large enough to rattle their cage). Then we could roll the cameras and see what comes out. The game would be up.

While we were at this other studies should be made into what effects weather on earth has on UFOs and also study the logs for interstellar gamma burst.
Well I will send this to at least 10 sites (for safety's sake).

Mark Buitron

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