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Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 06:32:37 +0000
From: WWW user

Name: Victor Scott
Location: Los Lunas NM
Date_of_Sighting: 2/10/2001
Time_of_Sighting: 12:15
There were four lights directly over my house, about a thousand feet up,
judging by the cloud cover. They were all crossing pass each other where it
looked like one big light, then going out in a half circle before coming
back to where it appeared to be one light. At first I didn't realize that
each light was doing a figure eight because they were so close to each
other, but after watching them for awhile, I did see where one missed its
focal point enough to where I saw that it was a figure eight they were
doing. What impressed me was the speed it was being done in and how close
they came to each other.

Using the word bright isn't correct because the lights by themselves were
very faded out by the cloud cover until they came together, and even then,
it wasn't very bright where one would have any trouble watching it.

During the one time that one of them miss the mark at their focal point, I
could see a brighter light off centered of the larger light they were all
making in passing, but only while they were passing each other. After that,
it was impossible to see any more then the faded light that each was
displaying no matter how hard I tried to see anything more.

What's below is how I came about seeing what I just said and my location to
what's around me.

They were over my house for over an hour doing the same thing over and over
again. When first seeing them, I was in the back porch, which is enclosed,
but has windows covering the west,south,and north, so I have a good view of
what's around me. Kirtland Air Force base is 25 miles to the north which I
can see from that porch, and watch planes take off from it most every night.

We have had more then our share of snow for the area I live in, so the cloud
cover was a concern, especially since they were calling for snow that day.
There is a star that I check that is bright enough to where I can see it
unless the cloud cover is to thick, only I have to len forward to be able to
see it, and that's what I was doing when I saw the first light making it's
turn back. It was the same size as those of a spotlight that are used around
here by car dealers and others that are doing some advertising, and that's
what I thought it was. What made me check was the speed it was moving in, as
most advertisers don't move their lights that fast. Also, I couldn't see the
beam of light going to where the light was, but that didn't concern me as
with the low cloud cover the last time I watched them using the lights, the
beam was broken up by the clouds as some of them come pretty low and tend to
brake up the beam.

In any case, I went to our family room which allows me to see to the north
and the east. Not being able to see where anyone was using a spot light, I
went outside to view the sky in the only direction that I couldn't get a
clear view of, which is to the south-east. It was then that I realized that
there were four of them, where none of them had any beam of light coming off
the ground to them. I knew that the cloud weren't thick enough to prevent
me from seeing a beam of light coming from above the clouds, as I could see
a few stars above me.

After standing there, I made up my mind that I didn't want to be viewing
this without a witness. Problem is, waking my wife up after she has gone to
bed is like pulling teeth, and a sure way to a dragged out fight that I
wasn't looking forward to! I made up my mind that this wasn't something I
would be view again, and without a witness, no one would ever believe me
since I've made it well known around those that know me that I believed in
UFO's judging by all the sightings that have been reported, but it was clear
by my wife's attitude, that I would believe in most anything people said.

That's the kind of witness I wanted! Of course it came out just as I
expected when waking her up, and all I could get her to say was UFO over and
over again like she thought no one would believe what we were seeing any
way. Of course, she had no idea what she was looking at, not any more then I

The point is, she saw it whether she wanted to or not.

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