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  From: "Donna"
  Subject: Strange lights in Minneapolis Minn area mid 90's 
  Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2000 15:59:26 -0600
  I have always wanted to see something...  but my logic usually
  makes that impossible.  Following I have included the only 2
  times that I have ever seen ANYTHING!  one we figured out and
  the other is still out there  with big ???  all around it.  If anyone 
  else saw anything like story #2 please post it on here.  thanks
  My "identifiable object" story
  I am the sceptic of the first sort.. wanting to believe in things
  but always seeing a plausible explanation to things.  The only
  time I truely believed that I was seeing something was when
  I was in highschool with 2 other people drivig thru a heavy fog
  in front and about the car was a large bank of lights..  resembling
  lights around a saucer shaped object..  as we stared and got closer
  and closer and it was almost over the car.. all we could say was
  oh my God!  I am surprized we did not crash..  we all saw the
  pole that the round bank of lights was attached to appear out of
  the fog.. it was a tall light in the middle of a mixmaster type area
  of the road.  I had one brief moment of truely thinking I had seen the
  real thing.
  Now for a real unidentified object story
  On a business trip in Minneapolis back somewhere 
  between 1994 and 1997 I was staying at a hotel 
  across from the Mall of America (out by the airport).
  I was on the trip  alone and was bored so I went and 
  wandered around the mall for a couple of hours..  
  When I drove into the hotel
  parking lot and parked I notices outside of the drivers
  side window of the car how bright and big the moon appeared.
  Very beautiful... then I noticed two comparitively smaill dots of
  light below the moon  ... from the perspecive of the oversized moon
  they were not much bigger than 3 or 4 pinheads (assumed they were
  ar a very great distance)  a few inches apart  (imaging the moon as the
  size of a saucer plate  ..  each dot appeared a few incles below
  the moon (perspective wise) one to the left  of center and one to the 
  right of center..  if the moon is the size of a
  saucer plate I would describe the "dots' as the size of  a bottle cap
  maybe smaller (an pencil eraser .. on the end of a pencil)
  anyway.. by the time my attenention focused on these dots and wondered 
  about them (they were standing still at that point) they "suddenly" went
  upward and inward in a squiggedly route until they were one light and then
  their light disappered into the light of the moon.  This all happened in the
  blink of an eye.. and left an impression kind of like a camera flashing into
  your eyes.  I sat there a few minutes with my mouth open.   then  when I 
  went into my room I drew a picture of it on a napkin so that I would not
  forget. The next day the whole incident was almost as if it were a dream.
  I really did not know what to do with the info so I think I just stashed it away.
  I have told only a few people about the incident and still have no idea
  what I saw.  I am very sceptical but I know that I saw something and I can
  not find that the pattern of movement can be attributed to a star of similar
  body..  I can't remember when this happened . If anyone else has seen
  something similare in the  Minniapolis St Paul area I would love to know about
  it.  I saw a show on the History channel today about UFO's and this made me
  wonder if anyone else had witnessed anything of that description.  Please send
  to  and I hope that they will pass it on to me or I will read it
  as a post on this site soon.  Thank you

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