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Subject: Submitted UFO Sighting Report
LOCATION : Memphis, Tennessee
DATE-Sighting : May 1985
TIME-Sighting : 9:30pm
This is your Submitted Sighting Report : 
 Had left work headed south,on Hornlake Rd. Noticed four 
objects that appeared to be lights on a transmission tower.
As i approached the intersection of Levi rd and Hornlake, 
these grew larger in size. I stopped the car and got out 
to confirm what i was seeing. Objects were semi sphere 
shape with very detail lighting- red orange blue greenish 
yellow color tone. One object broke away went towards the 
river,one went east in the direction of the airport, while 
the other one went staight up, I continued to watch this 
one- it moved as of nothing i ever seen. As the object 
climbed into the atmosphere it became bright as a star. 
The odject was seen by several individuals that noticed me 
stopped in middle of roadway. I went home call the control 
tower at Memphis Inter national Airport to ask if they saw 
anything that was not normal in their airspace, i was told 
that their was something but they could not say "quote". I 
later called seatle, washington to report.   
Irv- memphis,tenn 5/85

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