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Date: Sat, 6 Mar 1999 16:35:57 GMT
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Name: Lou

Location: Issaquah, WA (suburb of Seattle)

Date: Early November 1998

Time: around 6pm

Sighting: My wife and I were driving home when we saw a huge object in the
sky in front of us - which seemed to be several miles ahead of us. It was
heading east, parallel to the horizon. It had what looked light burning
material or fires in a horizontal pattern . It was huge, perhaps several
stories tall. We only saw it for about 20 seconds and it flew past our
line of sight over a hill. There also happened to be another car in the
lane next to us. We asked them to stop to see if they saw it too. They did.
We couldn't figure out what we saw. Later the evening news said it was
space debris from a Russian satellite heading WEST to the Puget Sound. What
we saw was flying parallel to the horizon, heading EAST and it was huge.
The story put out by the media was not what we and the other couple saw.



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