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Subject: thought

     I was attempting to reach someone 
about crop circles as it was on my screen 
and it showed up on SIGHTINGS tonight as 
well.  As I watched the show which more 
or less supported the idea of the 
phenomena and read the article on my 
service that more or less did not support 
the idea of the phenomena I pondered 
something else.  As a person of Faith I
understand the drive to look externally 
for an explanation of unusual events and 
have a belief in both God and UfOs as 
well as almost all other forms of 
unexplained phenomena.  I believe that 
the Lords work and worlds are far greater 
than what we claim to be as our own.  I 
had wondered about greater consciousness 
and that perhaps if Nature were trying to 
communicate, as I have no doubt she does, 
that perhaps she would attempt to 
communicate to us in forms of pictographs 
much like we used when we as a civilization 
were more in touch with her needs.  Then
I got to thinking that if she would do that, 
or could do that, would she try to use 
symbols that regional ancestors might have 
used in the pictographic eras of human 
development?  Of course this is just my
thoughts and perhaps people have already 
pondered it but I was curious about it 
anyways.  We all too often look to 
outerspace for these unusual forms of 
divination but they could maybe come from 
inner space as well. 
I mean who is to say that there isn't a 
consciousness that lies under us at the 
very base of creation as well as the one at 
the culmination of creation, and that perhaps 
they are one with differing purposes.  We 
just tend to think of things as always being 
much bigger than we are when refering to 
something we don't understand as of yet, and 
maybe we shouldn't just look at the BIG 
picture because it might not be the whole
            Just a thought.  


{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}