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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Monday, May 19, 1997 at 02:39:18
name: jake
location: raf woodbridge sulfolk england
date: summer 87
time: about 1 am

sighting: I lived at raf woodbridge from 84 to 88 and never found out about that sighting in the early eighties but now that I think about it this might have something to do with it. It was mid summer and three of my freinds liked to spend the night and camp out in the back yard to sneek out after curfue just to raise hell. So we decided to go over behind the baseball feilds to drink a few beers(i was 13 by the way) an we noticed that they were having an excersize or something in the bomb dump(I don't think it really was but that's what we called it). So we sneek over there to spy on them. We walked through the woods an got behind the brush to see what they were up to, and maybe get them to chase us(that was our little kick). So we set there for a while and what looked like a dark blue helicopter was just hovering in the middle of the feild with a bunch of MPs circled around it. We didn't think about what it was that much until it bobbed up about 100 feet or so and then settled down farther across the feild....with no noise. We didn't know what to make of it but it was something that couldn't happen...I mean there were only about five MP trucks out there and this huge solid object(I knew it was solid cause they had there lights on it the whole time). We sat there and watched for about an hour then left cause we saW a MP four wheeler coming our we take off running back to the houses. We then went out later to go back over there but there wasn't anything,but when we were walking back out of the woods we get caught by the MPs coming out of the woods. This is where it get weird..they don't take us back to our houses like they usually did but they took us to the flight line to talk to some officer about what we saw. We all said we were just playing in the woods and nicker knoching that night. Then he say if we ever get caught out there again he make sure that us and our parent wouldn't like it too much and then they just drop us off at the house with out waking up the parents to let them know we got busted..strange because they never did that. We never got busted again and never saw anything like that again...

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