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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Tuesday, May 13, 1997 at 22:55:18
name: James H. Daniels
location: Tucson, Arizona
date: May/June 1995
time: 2100

sighting: On or between May 27, 1995 and June 5, 1995, while I was living at 6350 E. Hayne, Tucson, Arizona, I went out into my backyard to get my dog to come in for the night. He was in a playful mood and I began to trow small rocks into the brush and plants for him to chase. The time was 2100 hours. My daughter who is the other witness came out to get me to come in because my favorate program was about to come on. As I was walking over to the corner of my yard to get a few more small rocks, I happen to look up into the sky (I was looking East). I noticed a darked object very low and a quite a distance and even though it was at night there was as I recall a full or nearly full moon. There wasn't a cloud anywhere and it was unusally warm. I pointed toward the object as I called my daughter's attention to it and said that the pilot of the craft should have already turned on his landing lights if he/she intended to land at the Air Force Base (Davis-Monthan AFB) or at the Tucson International Airport just Southwest of the base from at that time where I lived. I could tell it was getting closer because the object/craft appeared to be getting larger. My daughter and I stood there for several minutes just watching as the craft got closer and closer. When it got to approximately a half mile from us, it began to take on a definate triangle shape. It was more of an elongated triangle (sorry can't remember what they call it). It was approximately 100 to 150 feet above the ground and moving at a speed of about 5-8 miles per hour. We just stood there as the object passed almost directly above us. Now anyone including myself with an average arm could have thrown a stone up and hit this craft. Let me at this point describe in as much detail as possible what we observed. Keep in mind that I was in the Air Force and I know on sight almost every aircraft. There were no lights coming from the front of the craft at all. We could not see any door or doors on the side that was to us. There were no windows or portals visible. It made absolutely no noise or humming and gave off no vibration that we felt. On the bottom of the craft running the full length of the craft and spaced evenly were four (4) lights, each about 18 inches around. The lights appeared to be about 15 to 20 feet apart. The first light was approximately 15 feet from the forward tip of the craft and the last light of the four was approximately 10 feet from the back center edge of the craft. The craft did not have a smooth surface at all but appeared to be put together with rows of plates. Plates like you would see on a World War II battleship. Each plate was approximately three foot by 4 foot in size. I could clearly see what appeared to be rivets that were running along the plates edges. I got a very good look at the plating as the craft slowly moved past us. In fact, I was amazed by the thickness of the crafts appearance based solely by the backside of the crafts edges. Right on the edge where the back edge touches the sides trailing edge, the thickness appeared to be three feet thick. On the back of the craft were three lights. Two lights were approximately five feet around and the third light was approximately 10-12 feet around. The larger of the three lights was directly between the two smaller ones. The lights did not give off a lot of light but appeared to be defused. The light being given off was white and at no time did they change color. On the outer tips of the back of the craft and on each side was a strobing light that was flashing much faster than a standard aircraft light. In fact we were not able to see the strobing of the lights until the craft had slightly passed us. The craft was gray (metalic) in a truer since in color. The following day when I went into take a shower and as I was taking off my socks, I found a blister slightly above my left ankle about the size of a dime. As I was touching it, it popped. There was absolutely no pain and the flesh instead of being pink in color, was brown. It left a scar on my leg which even to this day I can't explain. I just know that it was not there the day before this sighting. I would be glad to draw the craft in detail. If you would like to call me, I can be reached at 520-298-4768 anytime after 1500 hours daily. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I swear it's the truth. Believe me they are real. Of that I no longer have any doubt.



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