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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Saturday, November 8, 1997 at 06:21:15
name: Jan Buitron
location: Lyons, CO
date: 11-2-97
time: 2:20 AM +/-

sighting: I sleep with ear plugs and at about 2:20 AM I woke out of a deep sleep because of a strange noise. I took out the ear plugs and heard what sounded like a deep low pulsating sound, with metallic overtones. The noise caused the house to vibrate. It appeared to be coming from just east of my bedroom and seemed to be low. It moved over the house slowly (the whole took less than 50 sec.) and moved towards the west. It was so loud I thought that a plane of some type was about to crash. However it did not sound like a plane. The noise seemed to move about a block away then suddenly ceased. Since we live near a mountain ridge it would be almost impossible for a big plane to buzz our house. Perhaps a fire-fighting bomber could have done it, but it did not sound like a plane, and it did not move over the house all that fast. As I left my bedroom to go into the hall my eldest daughter also got up telling me she had heard the noise and thought something was about to crash into the house. It was a very odd pulsating noise like nothing I have ever a humming sound.

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