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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Monday, June 2, 1997 at 23:35:06
name: Jane Derry
location: DeFuniak Springs, Florida, USA
date: 1985, January ?
time: 1 am

sighting: I was driving home from Phyllis's house, heading back into the city, and when I came up over a hill, there were two huge pigs in the center of the road. I froze, and couldn't move. Just before I hit the pigs, someone took hold of the wheel and jerked it to the right, to the side of the road and off of it, and then when the car was past the pigs, jerked it back onto the road. I was terrified. Didn't know what happened! So I pulled over, turned around and went back to see what was going on. That took a while. By then the farmer had the pigs back in his pickup, and was getting ready to leave! I asked if he'd seen what happened. He looked at me oddly and said yes, he was pale, shook up, clearly nervous of talking to me. He said that even though my right side of the car had gone well off the road, it didn't sink into the obvious drop-off directly at the side of the road (it went down three feet when you got off the asphalt). And then I went back onto the road! Something that would have been impossible with both tires off the road, supposedly in the ditch. I went over to look at the side of the road. At that time of nite, no one was out but us. He went with me. There were no tire marks going off the road. Or where I came back on. No signs that anything had happened at all. Now these pigs, mind you, were HUGE, they took up the whole center of the road, about six feet wide. No car could have gone around them and remained on the road. I went to look at my tires, they were fine. The car was fine. I finally thought to look up. I knew one of them had helped me, so I was looking up, trying to find them. There were, needless to say, millions of stars out. It was a clear nite. One of them blinked out, unobtrusively, and then went back on. Then it left. I told them thank you. It really shook me up. How had they done that?


{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}