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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Monday, June 2, 1997 at 23:55:23
name: Jane Derry
location: DeFuniak Springs, Florida, USA
date: 1986 July ?
time: 6 pm

sighting: Every night we got in the habit of going to Lake Stanley to swim, because it was so hot out, and we needed to cool off. So we'd all pile into the car, and head out for this spot we knew out at Lake Stanley. It wasn't a regular beach, it was a place where they loaded boats into the water. Usually no one was there at that time of nite, so we had the beach to ourselves. It was nice and cool out there. We all got into the water and were enjoying ourselves, when all at once I heard in my head to get everyone out of the water, NOW! When I heard the tone of his voice, I didn't waste any time getting them out! Ben was slower than the rest, and I got all kinds of gray hairs wishing he'd hurry, already! They hadn't gotten their swim out. And until he got closer, I didn't want to yell out why. There were others in the area, if not swimming. So we got in the car and left. That was when we found out that there are aligators in the lake! My other girlfriend told me this. She went there early in the morning one day, and saw one sunning itself! I didn't see a starship then, but I knew that they were there. They had seen something I hadn't. Perhaps they were scanning the lake? I could feel real fear. Something was in the water, about to eat us. And somehow, they kept it away from us! Another time we were out there, and there were storms coming, but we wanted to get some swimming in anyhow. It was good exercise for me and the kids. I was trying to loose weight then, and needed this time. So we got in and the whole half hour we were there, there were storms all around us, real strong storms! But our circle of area was blue skies and at the end of our swim, we were given a beautiful tripple rainbow!!! I had to laugh! They were making the storms stay away from us, so we could get our swim in! This time I saw one! I looked up at the rainbows, and in a blue sky, a star streaked by, did a loop and left! It went straight up. Phyllis saw it, so I wasn't alone. The rest were too busy playing in the water. It was really nice out there. But this made it even more beautiful for us. I don't think I'll ever forget it.


{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}