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on Friday, April 4, 1997 at 07:27:35
name: jason fields
location: grand prairie tx
date: 1992
time: 4:00am

sighting: While lying on my back on a basket ball court looking at the sky. I observed a bright star like object traveling diagonally through the sky, as I was pointing it out to a friend as a "shooting star" it stopped dead in its track. It stayed stationary for approximately 15 seconds and then shot off in a completely different direction at a speed that left a comet like tail behind it...this was observed by a friend of mine who pointed out that the star stopped before I could.. now I don't pretend to know the way that stars or commets travel but I do know that it is beyond there facilities to stop and change direction in mid plummit...ufo????
{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}