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Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000 13:02:29 +0000
From: unknown@unknown (unknown)
Name: JDW
Location: Albuquerque
Date_of_Sighting: March 2000
Time_of_Sighting: 8pm
I was looking west out my door and saw what I thought was a 
yellow/orangish crescent moon. The bottom had that round 
shape but it was like there was a square shape in front of 
it instead of the normal upper curved shape that is the 
earth's shadow on the moon. There is nothing between me and 
the horizon of that shape so that was strange.  Then I 
noticed what appeared to be a brighter round spot on the 
north side of the crescent.  As I watched it, within a few 
seconds the crescent 'rolled' away from south to north (as 
if a cloud had covered it) until there was just a little 
sliver of it left, and then that 'went out' like a light 
leaving just a tiny glowing speck like a far off star.  
However, that could've been a star if the following was 
true. It occured to me that it could've been a balloon with 
a spot light on one side of it.  If so, it was just down 
the street.  That night there were sirens all over the 
place so I still don't know what was going on.  My phone 
line had been out of commission before that time so I 
couldn't go online to find out anything and according to 
Ruters news, there wern't any strange happenings with 
either the sun or the moon in the last week.
This is the FIRST strange thing I have seen here that I 
couldn't explain and I have lived here for 31 years.
If it was the moon with a cloud going over it, why didn't 
it come back out again?  Also why did one side have a 
bright round spot on it? And if it was a baloon, where did 
it go when the light went out.  I could see there wasn't 
anything in the sky THEN.


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