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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Friday, May 30, 1997 at 14:17:17
name: jeremy scott
location: seminole Fl.. U.S.A
date: Nov. 4 , 1996
time: 12:30p.m.

sighting: I was standing outside of my house smoking a cigar when i started looking up at the stars. Then I turned around to start walking back inside. I had just about gotten to the door when I had a strange feeling of like being made to stand still I was looking to the northeast when I saw a black triangle shape moving across the sky. It wasnt very high or far away from me. It seemed to be small maybe a little bigger than a kite . It didnt make any noise at all. I remember being stuned not able to move until it got close to a tree line in my neighbors lawn. I then opened the door to my house yelling to my wife to hurry and look. I ran inside to get her and when we got back outside it was already gone. I have been in shock ever since. I had told a few people including my mom who works with a lady connected with MUFON. She had checked into it and someone else in a neighborhood close by had reported the same thing. I have never reported my sighting until now.

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