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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports

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on Monday, February 23, 1998 at 06:06:04

location: Jewett,tx

date: sept or oct l965

time: 5 pm(approx.) it was daylignt

sighting: I am coming out of the closet with 
this sighting in hopes of talking with someone 
else that was present. The sighting I witnessed 
was also seen by 9 or l0 other people.including 
the sheriff in the small texas town of Jewett. . 
I was driving back to Houston after a visit with 
my grandparents in Mexia, tx. I crossed over a 
small overpass and into a sharp curve on highway 
39 in Jewett going north when i noticed several 
cars pulled off to the right hand shoulder of the 
road. My first thought was that there had been an 
accident. I passed the cars and noticed several 
people standing on the shoulder of the road looking 
out across a field, which was in an easterly direction.  
I pulled off the road and approached a lady and asked 
her what had happened.  All she said was LOOK and then 
pointed toward a treeline that was approximately 300 
yards from where we we're standing. Hovering above this 
treeline was a large silver object. It appeared 
motionless, but slowly tilted upward toward where we 
we're standing. You could then see what i describe as 
strobe lights blinking from the bottom. The lights 
we're in a circle and it looked like the colors of the 
rainbow coming from them. The object was round and silver 
in color.  It had no noticable seams or groves, it just 
appeared to be one solid object. It was domed on the top. 
What seemed like eternity was probably only a few minutes 
as each of us stared at the object, without anyone ever 
uttering a word!  It is hard to describe what happened 
when the object left.  It was like almost watching 
something disappear before your eyes. You could see a 
small movement and then a slight movement eastward and 
it was gone, faster than the human eye or brain can 
comprehend. I must have stood there only seconds after 
the object was gone.  I walked directly to my car and 
drove off.  I never asked anyone anything. I was engaged 
to my wife at the time and as soon as i got back to 
Houston, I told her my story.  She wanted to know how 
much I had been drinking.!!  My story proved out as the 
l0:00 news came on. The local Houton TV had picked up on 
the story and had a news crew there to interview the 
sheriff.  He told about the sighting and said that he 
had the names of all the witnesses except one and that 
witness had driven off before he could get the name.  
Well, that witness was me.  Back in the early 60's (I 
was 23 years old) some people that talked about ufo's 
or flying saucers we're considered a little crazy. I 
didn't want to fall into that catagory !!  Years passed 
and one day my wife, who was teaching school at the time 
in Alief,tx brought home a book that one of her students 
had brought to school.  It seems that the subject of 
ufo's had come in the classroom.  This young student 
brought a book of classified sightings of ufo's  The 
young mans name Mark Clark.  In this book was the 
sighting which I have just described!!!  The book also 
gave a description of the sighting (unexplained)  a list 
of witnesses and a statement that one witnesss drove 
away. I have wished many times that I had stuck around.  
I hope that someone that was there on that day will get 
in touch with me. The vision of the ufo has never left 
my mind in 32 years and I sincerely hope I can talk to 
a fellow ufo Jewett witness.  It took many years for me 
to talk about what I had seen and I"m sure some listened 
to my story and thought I was either lying or making it 
up. That's okey now.  I know what I saw and I know it was 
real. If you had been there, you would not be doubting 
the existance of ufo"s!!!!! There is no logical 
explanation that I've seen or read about that has swayed 
my opion over all these years that what I witnessed at a 
very close range was a UFO.   Buddy  
bbanner @

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}