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On Thursday September 11,1997 I sent most of the following to a friend of mine in the Netherlands.
I then thought to myself, I had not put any of my sightings on my web site recently.

So I decided to post the following:

Over the summer I saw during daylight hours a flash of light. When I looked up I observed a shiny silver-could have been oval, not sure- object. I then watched as it traveled in a westerly direction. It made no sound and traveled rather slow in a straight line. I did not have my binoculars(at work). After it started to travel west it looked like it was much farther from my perspective. It looked kind of like a white dash or -- . It was much to far away to see details. However I have observed jets that were far up and have been able to make out the wings and also have been able to hear them. Chalk this up to another 'Unknown'!

Secound sighting just recently(4 nights ago). I was out in my back yard, it was night. The sighting lasted I would say 5 secounds. Two glowing white objects just sort of swooped down. They were apart from each other I would say a couple hundred feet. They seemed to be both performing the same manuervers. They came down very fast(not straight down) and sort of shot off to the north. Allthough I could not see them clearly after they went north due to they were on the other side of my neighbors house. Most people would think right away they were birds reflecting light. I have been watching the night skies for some time and have observed many times birds that reflect the city lights. These WERE NOT birds. To me these objects were trying to do something or get away from something. What? Maybe those multitude of jets that all of a sudden appeared immediatly after the sighting! I don't know where the jets came from but within seconds they were criss-crossing the area where the objects swooped down. I did catch a glimps of one of the objects in my binoculars. It was very hard to make out. I got the impression it was longer then it was wide and hade a hump in the middle. I would have immediatly watched them in my binoculars but I wanted to see what they both did. They were to far apart to watch them both thru binoculars.

Lastly, last night it was a partly cloudy night. I observed directly overhead a bright yellow light. From experience I knew what it was. It was slowly moving at an angle to the south-east. As soon as I put my binoculars on it , it switched off its main lights. I was only able to view it thru the binoculars and barely(it still had a small light on). It briefly went behind some clouds where it quickly turned its bright lights back on. I could easily see it even though it was behind the clouds. Then it just as quickly shut its lights off again. I tracked it with binoculars for a short time more before it went behind some thick cloulds, where I lost track of it.

The last sighting is typical of what we see around this part of the world. The following are the typical things we see with these objects:

1) Usually slow moving.
2) Sometimes erratic movement.
3) Bright yellow glowing object(brighter than the brightest star out)
4) Almost always shuts its lights off, as if it knows you are watching it.
__(It must leave a small light on, that can be seen with binoculars)

I suspect these objects are what a friend of mine seen the other day closer up. She described it as boomerang shaped with sort of a tail coming out the back end. This sightings is on my site along with a drawing.
( KAT in Artesia, New Mexico-May 6,1997)

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}