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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Sunday, October 12, 1997 at 17:00:36
name: JO
date: 1978
time: APPROX. 2 P.M.

sighting: I have had many "sightings" but will recount one that I especially remember: I would have been around 28 years old, it was a fall or winter day and the day was a little "dull" or overcast. I was driving south on a main street in the town where we lived, my younger sister, age around 24, was in the passenger seat. I don't remember where we were heading but I know I pulled over to the right of the roadside all of sudden (I'm not sure why). All I remember is my sister speaking to me, but I couldn't hear her. I leaned forward and remember looking up through the windshield. I remember, also, looking around us, outside, on the street. Everything seemed so still and there seemed to be no other vehicles driving around, no people walking around. It "felt" very still all around us. When I looked up through the windshield, I was rivetted to the sight above us. First, I had parked under a tree, but above the tree was an enormous object, somewhat triangular in shape. It was a craft of some kind and it simply hovered over our car! I couldn't take my eyes off of it. The underside of it was greatly detailed with what appeared to be steel/metal divisions of some sort which indicated to me somewhere in my mind, departments or "rooms" that might be located in the craft. In addition, there where many metal objects, similar looking to the underside of a vehicle, not being very mechanical, it is difficult to explain, but objects which appeared to be the mechanical parts and coverings of a vehicle/craft made by intelligent beings. The size so amazed me; it seemed to cover the entire sky over us! I was concentrating so intently at observing the underside of this object, and at the same time, noticed that my sister kept trying to get my attention, but I really couldn't hear her, nor any other noise! I "felt" as though this machine above me was making a "noise" but cannot describe it to you. The last thing I remember is being nearly blinded by a bright light and nothing more.
This was many, many years ago.

Later, in 1991, when my father was dying of a rare form of cancer of the liver, I was the passenger when that same sister who had the "experience" with me in 1978, was driving her and I to buy some medicine for our father. We had never discussed the "experience" since it had occurred. All of a sudden, and I don't even know why it came to my mind or why I spoke, I asked my sister if she remembered the time we had seen a UFO (yes, I used that term and couldn't believe I was saying it) and I described a portion of what happened to her, but she interrupted me and finished retelling the experience from where she had interrupted me! She related what I remembered up to a point. She said, yes, I remember very clearly. She said that she only remembered being in the car and seeing the object overhead, but does not remember me being there! The next thing she remembers is that she was at her home, running throughout the house, turning on the televisions and radios to see if there was any news of a "sighting", but could find nothing. She remembers being very nervous and somewhat fearful, but never wanted to tell anyone about it and is not sure why. I was so stunned by her confirmation; I guess I was expecting her to tell me that I was crazy and that my story was ridiculous. After that conversation with my sister, she refused to ever discuss it again.

I later explored this "memory" further as I am extremely skeptical about stories of "sightings" and/or abductions. I went to several therapists but always felt that their questions were much too leading and did not feel it was a "pure" or "clean" interview/therapy session. As I say, this "experience" had not been my first or my last, but was one of the most vivid and detailed.

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