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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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It was submitted by (McCauley44)
on Saturday, May 3, 1997 at 09:58:51
name: John J. McCauley
location: Oceanside, California, USA
date: May 2 1997
time: 10:05

sighting: A wedge shaped object,iluminated by an orange light. The object was first sighted in the south east traveling toward the north west at a slow rate of speed and had no sound. At least ten people in our group, all responsible persons observed this object. We were located in a four story building,observed the object coming at us at an estimated 1000'. It traveled slowly over the building until it passed over the building. At that point about ten of us went up on the rooftop. The object appeared to have stopped it's lateral movement and then appeared to climb to about 5000'. It remained stationary for a period of time,and then began to move slowly in a south westerly direction. While moving to the southwest, it appeared to drop a lighted object,which fell slowly for a brief distance and disappeared.
This sighting lasted for about ten minutes. A few of the group observed the object with binoculars,I did not get that oportunity.
I swear the above statement is the truth,I make no comments as to what the object was only that I and others will attest to what we saw.
{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}