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Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 01:08:46
Subject: possible ufo sighting

on Saturday 13th September I was on a course in Essex, Canvey Island to be exact, on noting how many air crafts were in the sky at the time, the time being about 1400hrs give or take 30 mins. when with a college, I noticed what at first I though was a kestral hovering, on closer inspection I realised the ecru coloured object was not a bird but some sort of unidentified flying object, shaped in a triangle, it was so high and traveling so fast, that the object was from earth no bigger than my small finger nail in size, what amazed us more was the fact that Saturday was a very clear day in Essex, and that there was no reflection from the flying object, it was a very matt ecru colour, would you please advise or perhaps investigate to see if any one other than our selves had seen the same object, or was it just an unusual aircraft, that latter I must admit I will find very hard to believe. I await your reply kannyk

re ufo possible sighting at Cavey Island, Essex, Canvey Island is in the United kingdom, where the River Thames meets the sea, additional information re earlier e mail from kanny k

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