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Subject: Submitted UFO Sighting Report
LOCATION : Scatterbranch, Tx
DATE-Sighting : Summer of 94
TIME-Sighting : 1:00 a.m.
This is your Submitted Sighting Report : 
It was a dark and Quiet night in this small Texas community.
I lived about in the country outside of a small town called 
Commerce, Tx. I don't really know if what me and my best 
friend saw could be called a UFO or just unexplaned. Me and 
my bestfriend were riding around the country( you know like 
riding the back rodes ). We were talking about school and 
where we would like to go to college ( we were Sr. in High 
School at the time ). I guess it was around 1 a.m but we 
were wide awake. We had lived in the Community for all of 
our lives so we knew the roads like the back of our hands. 
We were on a small farm to market road, and there were no 
lights or houses with-in miles. I saw what looked like a 
woman dressed in a white dress walking down the road. Now 
I don't know about you but there is a woman walking down a 
dark road, late at night, in a white dress, there was 
something wrong with that. So, we were in my truck and we 
slowed down to ask her if she was ok. She was on the 
passenger side of the road so Derek( my friend) rolled 
down the window to ask her. When I approched her he was 
leaning out the window and I came to a stop. At that time 
I asked Derek what was wrong, he did not respond. I asked 
him several times until I realized that he was froze. I 
hit him in the side and at that time he yelled at me to 
get the HELL out of here,believe me I did. I was going so 
fast when I took off that we spun-out and did a 180 in the 
rode. This means that we were faceing the woman with the 
frount of my truck, but there was nothing there. I 
could'nt believe it she was gone. This all was taking 
place with-in a matter of seconds. She had disappered in 
seconds. Well this was not all we stoped being the young 
and grazy kids we were, and looked everwhere for her. I 
mean everywhere, I had a 1 million candle light power 
spotlight and that still did'nt help us. What we saw next 
I can not explain, it was in the morning right, about 2 am 
now so the dew was starting to set we looked back for 
about a mile where she would have been walking and the 
grass was not cut. So does'nt that mean there would have 
been footprints or something. There was nothing, nothing 
at all no footprints, for all we know she was not there. 
Well after we calmed down I asked Derek what he saw. He 
said that she had no face and he could like see through 
her. He said that she was holding a cup and very quietly 
asked him for help. She was kind of floating not walking,
he said. Then I asked if he heard me talking to him while 
he was looking at her, he said no. It was all we could do 
but to go home, so we left and headed back to his house 
( which was about 5 miles ). On the way we saw a car 
headed for us at high speeds, and we had just made a dead 
right turn. We were speech-less we both looked in the 
rear-view mirror and saw tail lights but there was no way 
that car could have made that turn with out wrecking. I 
turned my truck around and went to the place where the 
turn starts. There was nothing there no skid-marks, no 
wrecked car, nothing. By that time we were pretty sure it 
was time to go home. We told our friends and family about 
this but they did'nt beleive us. I want to end this by 
saying that this is a true story and as fate puts it 
Derek had lost his mom in a car wreck 7 years to the date 
on that same road that this accured on. I would like to 
hear from anyone who might have had something like this 
happen to them or if you can explain this write to.
Mark King

UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World