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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Sunday, August 17, 1997 at 03:53:56
name: brian
location: La Canada, California, ocean view and foothill, traveling east, south east
date: august 1963 to 1965
time: approx 8 pm

sighting: i was a young child maybe 7 or 9. sitting in my parents den around 8pm on a summer night, watching "man from uncle" i saw out the den sliding window, over the trees and at distance of oh, 1 mile a large space craft. i knew it was because it was not a plane, not a balloon, or other explainable object. it had lit multi colored portholes at the base,wide and tall in shape, resembling a childs push type spinner. it floated like a balloon only faster. it was in view for about 20 seconds. keep in mind this was early evening on a summer night, lots of light left. someone else has seen this i am sure. it was written about in a book called " the tujunga canyon incident" as an after the fact notation on one of the pages. i know what i saw but im not going to push it on anyone. if you know of this or can offer any help please write a note. thanks for the chance to vent my experience.

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