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Subject: UFOSNMW REPORT FORM Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2000 05:25:31 +0000 From: unknown@unknown (unknown) To: Name: Larry Location: Davis, Ca Date_of_Sighting: 09-04-00 Time_of_Sighting: 3pm
4 of uw were sitting around the pool on a clear sunny day.  I noticed 
what looked like 3 pieces of shiny paper or foil blowing about maybe 
300 feet in the air, it looked just like flying paper floating around 
Candlestick Park during baseball or football games.  Then the 3 foils 
were glittering with bright, intermittant light.  On and off.  Then i 
realized the things were not planes, choppers or normal aircraft.  I 
told the 3 others (two teens with perfect eyesight) to check it out.  
They were also fascinated and saw one of the three move very quickly 
from the east to the south in a straight line. I am a private pilot 
and my guess of the speed at such a distance would be near 3000 MPH.  
All this took about 3 minutes so far.  By this time we all thought 
they were about 20-30 miles high, still shining intermittently.  the 
remaining two fluttered back and forth pretty close together for 
another 4-5 minutes.  One of them faded away; then i noticed the one 
that took off to the south was hovering on the horizon still.  All of 
us commented about the sensation of seeing many spots in out own eyes, 
the same as when the optometrist shines his bright flasglight in your 
eyes and you end up seeing spots which are your retinas!!  Then the 
last sparkling, fluttering light faded away. The light was always 
white. Total time was about 10 minutes.  We are now belivers that there 
IS something around us that defies our senses... please write if you 
saw something

IMPORTANT NOTICE BELOW Webmaster wrote on 9/5/00: If you are reading this and wondering what happened to your UFO report from mid August to early September, we apoligize. We lost approximately 6 reports. I had them ready to put up, butt...While installing Linux on another drive I accidently messed up the Master Boot Record of all the hard drives and was not able to recover anythig from them. We lost around 28 Gigs of info. Fortunatly we had most of it backed up, accept around 200 Meg or so of info that included the last reports. If you are one of the people that had sent in a report during that time, please don't hesitate to send it in again and we will poste it. Thanks Jim S. Webmaster for UFOSNMW

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