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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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It was submitted by () on Sunday, December 1, 1996 at 17:51:59
location: North of Las Cruces / West of WSMR test area
date: Nov 1995
time: evening and early AM

sighting: On the contingent that this is completely anonymous...I witnessed two sightings the same saturday evening while on a trek in the desert north of Las Cruces (in the Jornada del Muerto). This area borders WSMR's test area, and had often been a source of strange sights for us as kids.
I was 22 when I went on this particular the time I was working for a computer company that had several WSMR contracts...some of which involved work on projects that cannot be mentioned. I decided to clear my head and leave town, go into the desert and lose myself for a bit.
The sightings began in the evening...a very large object, quieter than the surrounding ambient noises moved very slowly to my eastern horizon from roughly north. It travelled very slowly, but seemed to "lurch" forward, as if the entity at the controls really wasn't too proficient at controlling the seemed strained, a little struggling. It slowly moved out of my line of sight, over the mountains.
It took me about 3 hours to calm down, I kept looking up, not knowing what I woud see next, if I would see anything, or if I should indeed get the hell out of there. I decided that my curiousity was stronger than my fear...or my stupidity was stronger than my sense of survival.
Anyway... 2am it started again. This time, the same object moved across the sky right above me...pulsing a bit, this thing was HUGE. Roughly eliptical, you really couldn't look at it closely. It hurt my eyes and my head. Again, it was exceedingly quiet and slow...white/silver color, like pewter at times and at other times like paper.A small row of lights around it's leading tilted forward and began to gather speed. This is where things get a little more unusual.
T-38 trainers, like those used as chase planes for the shuttle, or like they have at Holloman AFB flew in from the northern horizon, circled the object, and "led it" to the eastern horizon again....this time it gained speed and kept up with them, but you could easily fit four or five of them into the object quite easily....the object had another smaller version of itself following closely behind....seemed to pop out of the back of it....the whole mess gathered speed and outran the T-38's for a while....then they all left my line of sight.
I was again awakened at 4am, this time by a flew in low over my camp, seemed to be checking my camp out. The next week at work, I was fired from the Monument project, as well as told that my clearences and my contracts at WSMR were being terminated due to insufficient funds to pay the contracts....a $10,000 only figuring is that the helicopter got my license plate off of my vehicle.
The objects that I saw were, in my opinion, cooperating with or, in fact, operated by the military. They were not "stealth" fighters, balloons, or anything made by human hands....UFO's? I don't know, will never know.
{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}