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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Friday, October 3, 1997 at 23:55:56
name: Lawrence
location: Toronto, Canada
date: 29 October 1997
time: 7:18pm est

sighting: At sunset an unusual thunderstorm broke, which lasted briefly. The scene reminded a few of the witnesses of Noah's ark, but without the big deluge. As the sun vanished a pair of UFOs were hovering in the north-east of an area adjacent to Toronto's international airport. Since the sun had not yet set I could clearly see the wingless black discs. Their lighting arrays were too spooky to be associated with normal aircraft - brilliant amber, & red. Later after dark I noticed from a rooftop patio a UFO circling the house. I had realized that hovering objects had been around for some time and wondered if it were possible to talk to these objects. The aim would be to allow the object to fly above one's airspace freely. It would appear that somebody was listening. Presumably, of course, these silent flashing discs were even vertebrates or used microphones. I watched them hovering for about fifteen minutes in the west nearby some hydro-electricity lines. The UFOs began moving, usually in little circles around the airport perimeter. They would sometimes slowly climb into the air at an angle of about 45° and then circle the house. Then, one began approaching the house from the west. It flew quite slowly over the house, without a sound, showing the bottom of the saucer with a grid of flashing red white and blue lights and surrounded by pale white rim lights. A dog was barking nervously at the intersection as it flew. Back in the west I saw another saucer approaching the house. This time, as it flew over, the object resembled a normal aircraft, although I wasn't sure whether the engine noise was actually an amplification of the saucer's own motor or in fact if the object did not have a perfectly regular aircraft outline, but from the rear it appeared appended in some manner, as if dislocated by its own anti-gravity forces. This sighting reminded me of the Seti message 6EQUJ5, the printout of which contains a key vertical line and is outlined in a circle drawn by hand, with the words WOW printed on the left margin.

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}