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Subject: Submitted UFO Sighting Report
LOCATION : Newport Beach, California, USA
DATE-Sighting : October 4, 1975
TIME-Sighting :  4 to 5pm

This is your Submitted Sighting Report :        <<((o))>>
    My name is David. I read your story about witnessing a 
UFO..I live in Newport Beach, Calif. If you saw it from 
Fullerton or the Tustin area, then you know how close I was 
to it ! I had just pulled up in the alley of my freind's 
house.While I was getting out of my van, I heard the usual
sound of our city's helicopter above.I glanced up because 
it was louder than normal. As I looked up , my eye caught a 
very small flash of what seemed to be a metallic object, 
far above the helicopter....As I stood there and watched,I 
thought that maybe it was part of an airplane because we  
live pretty close to John Wayne Airport. The object was 
sort of floating like a leaf,rather than plumetting. Now 
about a minute had passed and it was getting closer by the 
second. It was falling end over end, I could see it 
perfectly clearly. It was totally chrome, round, approx. 
40ft. in diameter with a dome on the top.The dome appeared 
to be about 10ft. and was also chrome, like a mirror.
     As you said, it was a very nice clear day! It was  
directly over me and by now it was about a football feild 
above me at the most. I am not sure whether the police 
helicopter had been aware of its presence all along,or 
were they as supprised as I was....Suddenly, as it made 
one final roll....It stopped falling.... Even though I had 
been looking right at it, and it had done something that 
completely defied all known laws of least 
as far as my somewhat limited comprehension could fathom. 
The object just hung there right above me, silent and 
motionless. The police helicopter was circling it, with 
it's front bubble about 15-20ft away,  with it's tail 
behind it, sort of like a dragonfly. If this UFO was 
making any sounds they would have been drowned out by the 
      Judging by the looks on the faces of the officers 
in the chopper..... they were every bit as shocked as 
I was......It just hung there for what seemed to be about 
2-3 minutes then it started to move on an angle of about 
20-30degrees, toward Long Beach, which would be in a North
Westerly direction. It wasn't until just then that it 
started to dawn on me that what I had just seen......
couldn't have been any part of an airplane...and to this 
day, I have a somewhat different view of my existence,  
due to this experience......
         I feel that people like you and myself are very 
fortunate to be aware of what most people would not be 
able to comprehend....           As you can see,I am not 
a writer, nor do I ever intend to be!
    So please excuse any improper use of grammar, 
punctuation, etc...Sorry if I tend to be .......just a 
little.......LONG-WINDED  !  ! !
Thank you for taking the time to read this...
If you are at all interested  in this particular subject
please feel  free to email me and share some of your 
experiences, ask me some questions about what I've written
or you can just tell me how crazy you think I am.........

UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World