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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Thursday, April 9, 1998 at 12:14:46

location: Leicester,England
date: Sept '68
time: 8.00 pm
sighting: Whilst walking through fields in a 
small village called Ashby Magna in 
Leicestershire,myself and a friend saw a small 
glowing red ball away to the north of us over 
the city of Leicester. At first we assumed it 
was a plane or a helicopter,but then it began 
to move at such speeds and angles that this 
was impossible for an aircraft to acheive. We 
watched it for about  30  minutes,and then it 
just dissappeared. Throughout the "sighting" 
it appeared to be moving about  500 - 1000 ft. 
off the ground....

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