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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Tuesday, April 28, 1998 at 12:31:24
location: Queens, New York City, USA
date: 2/19/98
time: 9:30pm
sighting: I know New York City is not the most 
likely place for a UFO sighting but then again 
there was all that stuff about TWA (that stands 
for Trans World Airlines) flight whatever it was. 
So heres the deal. Me and my friend Tom were on 
the LIE (that stands for Long Island Expressway) 
coming back to Queens from a party on Long Island 
when we noticed what was like a dotted of line 
lights flying back the opposite way we were going. 
There wasnt anything special about the lights really, 
they werent flashing or anything but they were going 
damn fast for something that high and it was weird 
how they were all in a perfect line one after the 
other. I have lived near LGA (that stands for
LaGuardia Airport) all my life so Im not stupid when 
it comes to jets and planes. In the first place these 
things had no wings and in the second place without 
wings there would be nothing to put a light on unless 
maybe you had access to some sort of alien technology 
like they talk about. But whatever, they stayed 
overhead all the way until we left the LIE ( that 
stands for Long Island Expressway). Oh yeah and 
another thing is that if they were planes they were 
headed the wrong way to get to LGA (that stands for 
LaGuardia Airport). Tom says he can always see planes 
if there are planes because he has really excellent 
night vision on account of his pupils being 
permanently dilated. We are worried it might be the 
thing that did that TWA (that stands for Trans World 
Airlines) explosion. Those people said they saw a 
streak of light headed to the plane just before. Maybe 
what they saw was our dotted line except their vision 
wasnt as quick as ours so it looked streaky. In any 
case we are not scientists but we are still afraid to 
fly now.

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