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Subject: Submitted UFO Sighting Report
LOCATION : Lin, Thailand
DATE     : Mar 27, 1998
TIME     : 9:00 P.M. local time

This is your Submitted Sighting Report : 
Lin, Thailand tonight 9:00 P.M. local time, 
it was announced by Dr. Debhanom Muangman 
that UFO's would make contact tonight at a 
location prearranged with him by his ET 
buddy. Knowing him as a respected Harward MD, 
who among many other things has been the 
minister of health in Thailand. I was 
surprised that he would risk his reputation 
on such a claim, I know him personally and 
professionally, and also note that there have 
been MANY sightings in Thailand in the last 
few months. I thought why not go and see for 
real what the real story is. So with a guess 
2000 people waiting for something unusual to 
happen, suddenly from due south comes this I 
don't know what to call it craft of some sort 
out of the sky, flashing brilliant white and 
red lights, brighter than anything I've ever 
seen comes down and across the sky from one 
horizon to the other in matter of maybe 30 
seconds, to fast for a plane, don't know what 
to think only how could it have been faked, 
after thinking this over for several hours, I 
went home sitting in my office late like 5 AM, 
I hear what sounded like a sonic boom, open my 
window and what do I see that appears to be the 
same craft in the distance, no idea how far 
only that the first sighting was about 150 
kilometers from here, and this thing just sits 
there and flashes red and white the same, but 
so far away it's not as dazzleing, and it 
doesn't move, just stays in the same spot in 
the sky and as the sun rises it slowly fades 
from view. UFO, Merkaba, I don't know, and I 
won't forget it. THe sun is up now 6:30 AM and 
I can't see it, I'll have a look tommorrow night 
and let you know.    

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