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Subject: Form posted from Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1998 00:58:40 +0000

Name:=scott family
Location:=formby merseyside (5miles outside Liverpool) u.k.
my wife my children (two boys and a girl)and myself had decided to
travel up to formby to set off some fireworks that were left over
from guy falkes night and headed for the beach. we had to travel
through formby squirel reserve in order to reach the sand dunes
where we were going to set them off we arrived at the reserve
about 22.30 and started to drive along the forest path when my
youngest son told me that someone was already setting some off and
was rather exited because they looked so beautiful when i looked
i noticed that they were like no fireworks i had ever seen and
decided to stop and take a look. after a couple of seconds i asked
my wife to come with me to take a look after some disscusion it
was decided that we all should go which we promptly did after
walking for about 5 min we came upon what i can only guess was not
from around here and my wife became scared what we saw was this a
object about 6ft across flashing bright red green and white about
10 ft above the ground it was emmiting a low humming noise simular
to a electric genorator but smoother it was like it was twisting
and turning rather like a childs spining top but more stable and
controlled shortly afterwoods a second light appeared further
away much bigger this time and i decided we should go home at
once because we had all become scared and i was frightened for my
kids. i know this may sound funny but after we arrived at the car
and we had seen the larger light shoot up into the sky we
procceded towards home and my wife noticed that it was 01.30 now
i have heared of abduction stories and i am very afraid for my
family. this is the first time i have ever spoke of this outside
my family.
there is a small raf airbase nearby but it is so small it hardly
warrents a mention.(R.A.F WOODVALE)

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